Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SGS Technologie Pvt. Ltd and the services which can provide?

SGS Technologie Pvt. Ltd. is a domain registrar and providing hosting, cloud services

How yahoo small business related with SGS Technologie Pvt. Ltd?

Yahoo small business was Domain reseller of SGS Technologie Pvt. Ltd and the agreement will closed by 30 Nov-2021.

How to verify the authorization of the domain name?

Please reach SGS Technologie by using the domain registered email account to verify the domain ownership.

If the Authorized email id not exists/not accessible how to get the authorization?

If the registered mail account is not accessible please send the request on organization letter head with the authorized person signature and seal along with the Proof of the origination.

How to verify the multi-year renewal status of the domain purchased from yahoo small business team?

As per the agreement between SGS Technologie Pvt. Ltd. and yahoo small business we have renewed the domain names from the year 2021 to 2022.
If you paid excess amount for additional years please reach-out the yahoo small business to get update about the additional years.

How to transfer domain services to SGS Technologie Pvt. Ltd?

Please unlock the domain name and get the domain authorization/transfer code from the current registrar. Share the code to our technical team to initiate the domain transfer.
By default the transfer process will take 5-7 days.